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About InCube
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About InCube
About InCube
About InCube

About Us

About InCube

InCube Mobility Solutions brings forward years of knowledge and experience, enriching its clients with value-added benefits through appropriate software and hardware solutions that help achieve digital transformation goals. InCube Mobility Solutions, the sister company of InCube FZCO, which has a dominant presence in the Middle East and Africa, started its Canadian oper tion in 2013 with the goal to offer unique and innovative solutions with clear measurable advantages to our clients.

InCube Mobility Solutions is a global distributor of supply chain management software and trading partner network technology that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. We support more than 1000 customers in more than 25 countries, ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. We offer functionally rich and highly adaptable solutions to efficiently manage customers’ warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution, trading partner integration, delivery routes and retail stores.

Our applications are designed to meet market and customer requirements in industries such as 3PL/logistics services provider, automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG), healthcare, manufacturing, retail and wholesale/industrial distribution.


To become the leading edge global technology provider by creating innovative mobility products and services partnering with the most renowned suppliers of mobility solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs and achieve measurable competitive advantage.


To become an indispensable partner to our clients by offering and managing industry leading vendors and service providers combined with localization, best practices and service excellence. Overall leaving them with the maximum level of satisfaction and comfort, making their day to day operations even simpler.

Our Office

Today InCube Mobility Solutions resides in Oakville Ontario Canada. We have been open since January of 2013. Our office acts as a provider of mobility solutions and the main distributor for the products sold from our international partners, using it as a base of operations where we focus on project management, sales and marketing for the North American market.

Our office consists of members who have PMP, MBA, PHD’s and P.A.In. and P.Log.  business degree in marketing, with various levels of business experience.

The InCube Mobility Solutions Team

The InCube Mobility Solutions team consists of highly qualified consultants, computer engineers, hardware technical consultants, graphic designers, developers, and professional certified project managers. Our team has helped companies in the mobility industry achieve high level of success and establish trust and confidence with our brand. The people that make up our company have years of experience working with some of the largest brands in the market today. The team is diverse and professional, all of its members are working in harmony offering their utmost loyalty and dedication.

The InCube Mobility Solutions Team covers all of the following areas:

  • Blockchain Experts
  • Marketing Experts
  • After Sales Support
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Project Management Experts
  • Software Engineers
  • Experienced Traders
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Customer Service
  • Mobile Programmers
  • Experts in Logistics
  • Business Process Mapping Experts
  • Software Developers
  • Database designers & Admin
  • PHD, MBA, PMP ,P.A.In. and P.Log.  Recipients

The InCube Mobility Solutions Team

Incube in Numbers





Professionals PHD's, MBA's, PMP's,PLOG and PAIn

Professionals PHD's, MBA's, PMP's,PLOG and PAIn

Locations Worldwide Local Offices and Resellers

Locations Worldwide Local Offices and Resellers

Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

InCube Milestone


Our Biginning

-Started as a Mobility Solution Provider in the UAE-


InCube Partnered with Honeywell formally HHP


Our Expansion

- Software and Expansion -


Software and Expansion


InCube Celebrated its 1000 Users for InVan
InCube Developed InCube’s Asset Management System

InCube Developed InCube’s Warehouse Management System


InCube Established Saudi Office
InCube Established Egypt Office

InCube Launched its first ( Supply Chain and Future of Tech Summit )


InCube Established Canada Office

InCube Launched its Second ( Supply Chain and Future of Tech Summit )


InCube Partnered with Koamtac Scanners
InCube Partnered with Dascom Printers


InCube Signed first partnership in Serbia


InCube Established Palestine Office

InCube Named Honeywell Distributer of the year



Supply Chain Focus -


The first TT

- Track and Trace Focus -


The Face lift

Disruption Technologies -


New Technology

- Blockchain Focus -


Fresh Vision

- Products Focus, Market Expansion, and 2020-2024 Vision & Philosophy -

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